Organizational Change Management

Infor-2019-OCM-Partner-of-the-YearAs our clients undergo major business transformations, ISG helps them manage the risk associated with the crucial “people side” of change. The science of organizational change management – or OCM – can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for your workforce to rebound and for your company to realize the benefits of a project. Studies show more than 60 percent of a project’s success hinges on people, even when new technology, processes and knowledge assets are firmly in place. We can also help your company set up ongoing OCM programs to benefit multiple change efforts across the enterprise.

ISG OCM work includes stakeholder management, targeted communications, organizational alignment, training and learning enablement, and more.

OCM Organizational Chanage Management


Realize Benefits Faster

ISG’s average OCM representative has more than 15 years of professional experience, and we’ve helped clients save money, increase productivity, align teams and more, across a wide range of industries.

We All Experience the Valley of Despair

Valley of Despair

Managing and Bouncing Back from the Change

Every person and every organization going through a major change encounters the “valley of despair.” We’ve all felt the fear of the unknown, and when going through a big transformation, companies experience a corresponding drop in performance based on resistance and inertia. With OCM, you can minimize the duration and depth of the performance drop. We help you anticipate, plan for and proactively manage the change, making sure your employees are as ready and comfortable as possible. OCM helps you more quickly rebound and start achieving gains from a project or program.


Most Project Issues Are People-Related


Using OCM to Drive Success

Using OCM to Drive Success

Even if you have all your new technology, processes and knowledge in place for a major transformation, it’s still possible to fail. Studies show more than 60 percent of a project’s success actually relies on the PEOPLE. Users must adopt the changes that come with implementation, or you won’t see your expected return on investment. That’s why many organizations introduce ISG OCM experts, who can help prepare employees for what’s to come. We can help reduce uncertainty, resistance and even costly worker turnover.



The Build-Up Approach




Build up approach

Helping Users Adopt

During engagements around digital transformation, ISG uses a tried-and-true methodology that gradually “builds up” employee confidence, skill and will for the company’s new technology, processes and/or roles. This methodology is designed to help people feel empowered to work in their new environment. We provide team members with targeted communications, education about their new processes and roles, details on the impacts to the business, preview sessions, training, practice, and other activities that allow them to help create their own future. This approach aligns with the popular Prosci ADKAR® (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) model for change management. We’ve used this methodology with all types of projects, including implementations of popular software like Oracle, SAP, Infor and ServiceNow.


How OCM Helps

How OCM Helps


Reaping the Rewards

OCM can make a massive difference in how successful your project is, though it costs just a small fraction of your overall project budget. When companies do NOT incorporate OCM during a transformation, it’s common to see challenges to the program’s credibility, poor executive alignment, lack of collaboration, low morale, and difficulty achieving standardization, as people try to keep doing things the way they did before. However, when you bring in OCM, companies typically see a faster bounce back, with cost savings, increased productivity, better collaboration, clear performance metrics, and many other benefits. We want our OCM work to create a better experience for you, your company and your employees as you go through future change.  

Combining OCM with Other Services

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A Holistic Approach at ISG

ISG offers a variety of OCM services to complement other work that clients are receiving from additional areas of the firm. Include organizational-change-management efforts to assist with digital transformation, automation, systems integration/upgrades and sourcing solutions. We have extensive expertise to help.


Continuous Learning


The 55-25-20 Model
While many companies spend big time and money on new technologies and processes for digital transformation, they sometimes miss the importance of investing in the training and continuous learning needed for their workforce to take full advantage of the new tech. We recommend you use a 55-25-20 model for learning and development, where most learning – 55 percent – comes from hands-on experience while employees are actually doing their jobs. Another 25 percent comes from informal or social learning, such as coaching and peer collaboration. Only 20 percent comes from formal instruction and similar educational events. ISG’s learning-enablement team can help you maximize this model, focusing on providing training and learning while employees are doing their jobs. We help build everything from “super user” networks to videos, social communities, online help buttons, simulations and customized learning materials based on actual new processes and roles.


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