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ISG ProBenchmark

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ISG ProBenchmarkProBenchmark® is the world’s largest independent source known of market price intelligence serving decision makers to develop customized pricing scenarios specific to their solutions, creating a real-time comparative analysis of prices

The Power of ProBenchmark®

  • Clients receive on-demand, real-time access to data and sophisticated models designed especially for you
  • A patented analytics engine supports an ISG powered database providing clients deep insight across a wide range of industry verticals and deal sizes, so clients can generate optimal price comparisons
  • Our cloud-based tool provides market price intelligence services in three distinct pricing engines for clients

ProB Module Market Price Domains Included
IT ServicesData Center, End User and Cloud
Network/TelecomAccess, DIA, Managed Ports, Managed Devices
ApplicationsLabor Rates & Managed Services

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